SIR-VERE is a UK based 4 piece Rock band from MK which fuses Post Punk ethics with Electronic Dance energies. Forged from Drum & Bass // Big Beat Scene they quickly became darlings of the breakbeat & twisted house scene. The band performs live across the country and worldwide from Manumission to Glastonbury to Kings Cross’ infamous Scala and everywhere in-between.

Craig Hammond / Vocals & Noise
Gary Morland / Guitars & Bass & Keyboards
Stevie Vega / Keyboards & Dj
Ian McEwan / Vocals

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United Kingdom

In the Press

SIR-VERE’s latest songs and albums have received stunning reviews by music critics around the world from a plethora of webzines. Check out a selection here:

Bringing Back the Sound of 90’s-00’s Electronic Music

If you are a fan of bands in the likes of Bomfunk Mc’s and The Prodigy, then SIR-VERE’s ‘Singulus’ is more than safe for you. It’s a sturdy, representative piece of 90’s-00’s underground electronic music made in 2021!

Sir-Vere – Do You Love Me

The Milton Keynes-based trio has a massive following worldwide, and keeps said following happy with a constant stream of remixes and alternate versions drawing on the talents of a close but varied pool of talented friends.


For a first release, Psychoballisticfunk does a great job of highlighting the group’s skill. Always avoiding conformity and focusing heavily on funky-sounding beats, the Milton Keynes trio, consisting of vocalist and effects-expert Craig White, keyboard player and DJ Stevie Vega and guitarist Gary Morland, successfully evoke a sense of the otherworldly in each song.

Perfect Sonic Alliance!

rock and dance, it turns out, make for the perfect sonic alliance, the hard edge of the former being subdued into heavy grooves by the latter and in return the hypnotic beats being sculpted into dynamic crescendoes and epic sonic creations.

Singulus: Wonderfully Free

There’s something wonderfully free about the Sir-Vere first came to this writer’s attention a few years back with singles like ‘Holy Fool’ and ‘Night Time’. There’s something wonderfully free about the music the Milton Keynes trio – recently expanded to a foursome with the addition of a second singer – make, fusing most (quite possibly all) the musical subcultures that swirl around out of earshot of the mainstream. There are hints of punk, rock and hip-hop, but also acid house, techno and electro, stitched together wonderfully with maximum style and minimal regard for convention.

Underground Breakbeat Bruisers!

After a magnificently timed stint on Bongo Tronic, an appearance which saw Sir-Vere release his first album to date, the producer returns to the Rocstar imprint with a load of breakbeat bruisers that will no doubt appeal across the entire underground spectrum. “Rebirth” is the tune in question, and it sounds to us like a magnificent return to an early 2000’s ‘big beat’ kind of vibe, twisted blended up with a punkiness not too dissimilar from The Fall. The remix comes from Stevie Vega, who delivers a more straight-laced tech-house version with plenty of progressive flex, and is followed by an essential instrumental cut of the original. Recommended!

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