Cover Art Sir-Vere Lovescope (Album)
Sir-Vere – Lovescope (Re-Release Album)
by SIR-VERE (ft Steve Craighead)
Cover Art Sir-Vere Lovescope (Album)

The album officially launched on January 26th, 2024 and is released on WorldSound/Amerian Artiste//Virgin Music Group. The album shows all the genre crossover appeal of the band.

Label: WorldSound/Amerian Artiste//Virgin Music Group
Copyright: ©+℗ WorldSound/Amerian Artiste//Virgin Music Group

Tags: post punk, breakbeat, indie rock, alternative, electronic, 90ies, 90s, new release, newsong, lovescope, radio, Europe, indiemusic, indie rock, new music, newvideo, radio, release, rock, UK, United Kingdom

Release year: 2024
Track Count: 11 song(s)
Album Length: 00:41:38
Genre: Alternative | Electronica | Dance | Breakbeat | Indie Rock

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